QueensCare Health Centers

Press Room
QueensCare Health Centers has a rich history of providing care to the underserved populations of Los Angeles. Its first clinic was founded in 1897 and, over 100 years later, QueensCare Health Centers has transformed into six Federally Qualified Health Centers providing accessible, quality care to LA County communities, regardless of ability to pay.

Media Coming to QueensCare Health Centers Locations
All media interviews or photographs with QueensCare Health Centers patients, administrators, physicians and employees must be cleared through Marketing.

Members of the media must always be accompanied by a Marketing staff member, or representative designated by Marketing, while on the property of any QueensCare Health Centers owned or operated facility or clinical practice.

Media who enter QueensCare Health Centers property without clearance will be stopped and asked to go to the lobby area until a Marketing staff member can be contacted. This policy is in effect to secure the confidentiality of our patients in concurrence with HIPAA guidelines.

QueensCare Health Centers requires all patients and staff to sign a consent form before agreeing to be photographed or videotaped by the news, media or an in-house photographer. Marketing will secure the signed release form before any photography or videotaping begins.



  • 950 South Grand Avenue
    2nd Floor South
    Los Angeles, CA 900215
  • (323) 669-4339
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