Fun (and Free) Things to Do with the Kids this Summer

Los Angeles is a wonderful city full of amazing things to do and see. We have some of the best food in the world, incredible beaches, and parks within walking distance of many residents. With the possibility of exciting adventures and the arrival of summer-when kids are out of school, it can seem like the best time to explore our great city. If your child will not be attending summer camp or a program at school, we still want to keep our kids schedule full of fun and active play.

Taking time away from a busy work schedule is not always possible for most families. But with longer days and a few days off here and there, you can plan a fun, if not exhausting summer. And we know that summer outings can also come with a hefty price tag, but it is not necessary to accrue debt in search of summer fun. There are still plenty of activities families can enjoy together that are fun and budget-friendly, so that parents can relax and enjoy the outing as much as the children.

Looking for fun and free things to do this summer with your children? Here are some activities to consider:

  • Local Parks- some even have splash pads just for summer to help the kiddos cool down.
  • Free Museums- The California Science Center ( is always free. Some museums need to be booked in advance or are free only on certain days; do your research
  • Street performers at the walk on Venice Beach or Santa Monica Promenade.
  • Family bike ride – plenty of bicycle paths for all skill levels.
  • Pretty Picnic spots- Eating food outside makes the food taste even better!
  • Hiking – so many hiking trails in the Los Angeles area and all are free; don’t forget your sunscreen and water
  • The Beach- you may need a lot of gear like blankets, towels, and sand tools; but so worth it.
  • Art Walks- Thursdays at 6pm begin Downtown LA’s Art Walk (, all free to see and experience.
  • The Library- check out Summer events at your local Library, some have movie nights, book readings with animals and even live shows with magicians or famous authors.
  • Concerts in the Park – many cities offer entertainment for free, check out your city hall’s webpage for more details.

Summer fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, if you plan it right. It is the time spent with our loved ones that makes our vacation days special, not the money we spent. Take the time this summer to enjoy the beauty of our great city and make memories for your children that will last all year.