Bringing Care (MTM) to the Patient

Expanding Clinical Pharmacy Services from Clinic to In-house Pharmacy

QueensCare Health Centers is a Federally Qualified Health Center in Los Angeles, California with two in-house pharmacies serving five health centers. Clinical Pharmacists (CP) provide Comprehensive Medication Management for difficult or uncontrolled patients, diabetes being the most common. CP’s are a great asset to the medical team. They fill the gap between brief doctor visits and can provide the frequent in-depth care most uncontrolled diabetic patients need. Through a Collaborative Practice Agreement, CP’s meet with patients between doctor visits and may adjust, initiate or discontinue medications and/or insulin, provide education as well as monitor patient response to therapy and order relevant labwork.

This pharmacy project was supported by a generous grant from the BD Helping Build Healthy Communities™ program It is a collaboration between BD (Becton Dickinson), Direct Relief and the National Association of Community Health Centers to fund innovative models of care that expand access and improve healthcare in underserved communities.

Our program is reproducible

Health centers can utilize support staff like nurses, community health workers, etc. to provide similar diabetes education. The key is to find the most accessible setting for the patient’s convenience. If replicated in a pharmacy, creating a realistic workflow in a busy pharmacy is crucial. As always, finding sustaining funding to offset costs of staff training, staff time spent providing encounters can be challenging.

Study Limitations

Our program was designed as a pilot project not a research study. Since we do not have a control group, we can only show an association between improved A1c values for diabetic patients who regularly pick up from our pharmacy.

Key Takeaway

Diabetics need more time and attention than our current health system provides. Simple encounters targeting self-monitoring, adherence and lab monitoring can make a difference. Providing these resources in more accessible settings beyond the doctor’s offices is vital.


We would like to thank the hardworking pharmacy team Lesley Vasquez, PharmD, Luz Vergara, Karen Dominguez, Lizette Robles and Christian DS Baltodano. And the support of Data Analysts James Pulley and Lam Wong.

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