We are dedicated to offering the highest quality of health care in the heart of the community we serve.  We offer a broad range of services to meet your family’s health needs. Our qualified staff of doctors, specialists, pharmacists, and care coordinators is ready to help you achieve your health goals. We are proud to offer the services listed below and are happy to help you make an appointment or answer your questions if you call (323) 635-1140.


Adult Primary Care

Worried about a symptom? Our primary care team helps patients get the care they need and proactively take charge of their health.

Pediatric Care

We connect parents with caring pediatricians who understand the unique health needs of today’s kids. Our doctors and staff provide complete care for your child’s basic health needs at every age and stage.


Smile at the future! We’re thrilled to offer low-cost, high-quality dental care in a relaxed setting.


Whether you have worn glasses for years or have never had an eye exam, our experienced optometrists provide low-cost, complete eye exams to help you see a bright future.

Women’s Health

Our OB/GYNs are caring professionals ready to help women at every stage of life—from puberty to pregnancy, to menopause and beyond.

Health Management Programs

Our community education initiatives include asthma and diabetes management programs, designed to help you control your condition and live your best life.

Specialty Care

Get access to top specialists like podiatrists, nutrition coaches, and more, right in your community.


Confused about your meds? Need a new prescription? Our knowledgeable pharmacists can help.


To make an appointment or learn more, call (323) 635-1140, or log into My Chart.

Have Questions?

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