Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health (BH) providers are co-located with our medical providers, collaborating and consulting to meet our patients’ needs. Our Behavioral Health providers can address a range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and stress.

At QueensCare Health Centers, we understand the importance of having behavioral health clinicians and medical providers working together to provide ‘Whole Person’ care.

  • BH providers provide treatment, which includes assessment, diagnosis, and therapeutic interventions.
  • BH providers skillfully engage patients and their families in their healthcare and wellbeing, using strategies to increase motivation and desire to improve overall wellbeing.
  • BH providers collaborate with medical providers to deliver “Whole Person” care.

QueensCare Health Centers providers are always standing by to help you be well in both body and mind.

For more information on our Behavioral Health Services or other services provided by QueensCare Health Centers, please call (323) 635-1140.

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