Understanding and managing chronic disease can be difficult. This is especially true for people with limited access to healthcare, like those living in many parts of Los Angeles County.

QueensCare Health Centers is one of many community clinics that use health management programs to educate and empower patients who have chronic diseases. Our goal is to help patients manage their chronic disease effectively, so they can live full and vibrant lives.

Our health management programs provide special training in group or one-on-one classes. We help you understand your condition, what causes it, how to treat it, and ways to reduce its impact on your life. This includes showing you how to take medications, the right way to use monitoring tools, and how to avoid making your condition worse. Symptoms of chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma can be reduced through lifestyle choices like eating healthy food and exercising often. Our programs can help you develop a plan and goals for building a healthy lifestyle.

The QHC team of providers, care coordinators and pharmacists give extra support to patients living with chronic disease. Care coordinators are present in all the QHC clinics to provide classes and one-on-one patient counseling.

Learn more about our health management programs and the care providers who support them:

Care Coordinators

Asthma Management

Diabetes Management

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