For patients with diabetes, management of the disease can become increasingly difficult as they age and the disease progresses. Diabetes is caused by an interplay of several factors, and often the treatment requires managing a bewildering set of problems, including hyperglycemia, hypertension, blood pressure and even heart or kidney disease. For the patient, managing the medications can be just as bewildering.

Working with the patients’ physician, QueensCare Health Centers’ clinical pharmacists adjust and monitor medication regimens to optimize the control of the disease. In addition to their extensive education in the therapeutic use of medications, the clinical pharmacists also understand the cultural challenges to patient compliance, such as education level and literacy, and communicate in a culturally sensitive manner.

By educating the patient and collaborating with the physician, QHC clinical pharmacists enable more effective treatment of the patients’ disease, improving their quality of life and helping them to achieve their healthcare goals.

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