Have you been putting off having your eyes checked? Whether you have worn glasses for years or have never had an eye exam, QueensCare Health Centers can help you see a bright future. Our experienced optometrists provide low-cost, complete eye exams for adults and children.

Do You Need an Eye Exam?

As with so many other areas of health, early diagnosis and prevention can protect your vision. Many people don’t realize it when their eyesight starts to decline. If you avoid driving at night, use over-the-counter reading glasses, or often get headaches, you may need to have your eyes checked. Even if you don’t have symptoms of vision problems, many eye conditions progress over time and only cause symptoms when they are more advanced. Finding problems early is key!

Regular eye exams are even more important for children. Kids need the right tools to be able to grow and succeed in school. Issues that parents and teachers think are behavioral may really be vision problems. Be sure to bring your child in for an exam if they do things like cover one eye when looking at something, lay their head on the table while reading, rub their eyes or blink a lot, have misaligned eyes, or have trouble focusing in school. Seeing clearly can make a huge difference in a child’s education, life, and future.

What Happens During an Eye Exam?

If you’ve never had an eye exam, you may wonder what to expect. You can relax because eye exams are generally easy and painless. During your eye exam, your eye doctor will cover things like:

  • Personal and family medical history review
  • Visual acuity and eye muscle function checks
  • Glaucoma screening and dilated retinal exam
  • Prescription assessment, if needed

After the exam, the doctor will talk with you about your results and answer your questions. Our staff takes the time needed to educate patients about how to protect and care for their eyes.

To schedule an eye exam, call (323) 635-1140, or log into My Chart.