At QueensCare Health Centers, we offer medical services to meet many needs, from routine well-checks to disease management programs. In addition to general wellness, we offer select specialty services at our health centers. This gives our patients access to top specialists right in their neighborhoods.

Although highly trained, our specialists are friendly, understanding professionals who take time to answer your questions and help you understand your treatment options. If you need specialty care that is not available from our medical team, we can refer you to an expert beyond our network.


Foot problems shouldn’t be ignored since mobility is such an important part of daily life. Our podiatrists are trained to treat a variety of foot ailments and to watch for the effects of diabetes on feet. If you have diabetes, it is very important that you have your feet checked at least once per year.

Nutrition and Weight Management

Are you managing a chronic disease, trying to lose weight, or interested in feeding yourself or your family better? Learning about nutrition can help. Our nutrition and weight management programs connect you with qualified experts and nutritionists, who can use nutrition science to help you achieve your goals.