Are you managing a chronic disease, trying to lose weight, or interested in feeding yourself or your family better? Learning about nutrition can help. QHC nutrition and weight management programs connect you with qualified experts who can use nutrition science to help you achieve your goals.


We feed ourselves every day, but it can be hard to know exactly which nutrients our bodies need to be well nourished. Nutritionists and dieticians explain this and use their expertise to recommend diets and create meal plans that help your body function at it’s best. They develop eating plans that can help control conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is vital to kids’ growth and development. Nutrition experts can provide easy-to-use resources and tips for helping kids eat well.

Weight Management

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that over 7.4 million adults and adolescents in California are obese. Being overweight or obese can put people at risk of developing health problems like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and some cancers. It can also increase the complications of many chronic diseases. Genetics, diet, and exercise levels all affect a person’s weight, but the good news is that eating and activity habits can be changed, and can be used to help people maintain a healthy weight.

Nutrition and diet experts can educate you on how to read food labels and use technology to track the nutritional value of what you’re eating. For example, you may need to limit the number of calories or carbs you eat daily, in order to lose weight. Starting a diet under the guidance of a nutrition expert ensures your body is getting the nutrition it needs while dieting, so you lose weight safely.

We’ve helped many people achieve their goals to lose weight and to give their bodies optimal nutrition. To learn more about our nutrition and weight management programs, call (323) 635-1140, or log into My Chart.

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